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Altitude is Everything review

MUSE NEWS, Des Moines, Iowa:

One of the most gratifying aspects of working on this column with Darlene (next to the five grand per issue she pays me) is listening to bands progress and watching them grow -- hearing songwriting skills improve along with attitude and musicianship. This is Mr. Blink's second time around here at Muse News and I'm hearing marked improvement in almost every area.

The band is still about as predictable as Dennis Rodman's hair color, but that's part of the fun listening to them. This is one very talented bunch of Cheesehead's. I'd love to see this five-piece live performing songs like the easy-flowing "Kingdom of Summer" or the crazy, psychedelic "I Got Caught (Smokin' Pot)." A big hit on the high school prom circuit, I'm sure. Also my favorite song.

If you like a mixed bag of jazzy sax, funky alternative, reggae, and bluesy rock 'n' roll, you'll like Mr. Blink. (8 out of 10)


P.S. Darlene, is my five grand in the mail?