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"Ain't No Saint"
by Mr. Blink

"Ain't No Saint" words by Mike Caucutt

All of my possessions, they just weigh me down
and all of my confessions are just lies that I tell
I'm not bad, I'm not good, don't do things I know I should
maybe that's just as well


I ain't no saint , I ain't no bum, I'm not a star
Don't want to cause you any grief anymore

Push me down, pick me up, turn the other cheek
You got me chasing my own tail
Round and around and around and around and around I go
You gotta stop sending me junk mail


Watch it rain, watch it fall, big hole in the sky
Don't know how much longer we'll be here
Where's the devil where is God, where the hell are we?
Fighting it out somewhere

I ain't no saint, ain't no bum, can't save the world
I 'm not smart, but I'm not dumb, it's over girl