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 I Only Got One Brat
©Mr Blink 1996

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bratee !


In the land of Moo - you put cheese on your head
I think that there should be a brat there up instead
At tailgates, at picnics - at the Wisconsin State Fair
Everywhere you go - our friend the brat is there
There is a special bond between a man and his brat
to separate the two - would really hurt a lot
If you're from Illinoise - you don't understand
The Pack is Back! - The bears still suck! - I'm a die-hard Packer fan!
Don't you touch my brat
It's the only one I got
If I had another - I'd give it to you brother
but I only got one brat

To make the perfect brat - you gotta boil some beer
Throw the brats along with some onion right in there
Then you grill them babies up - until they turn a reddish brown
Make sure you have a cold one - so you can wash it down
Repeat Chorus
I like my brat with onions, ketchup and mustard
Not that really yellow stuff that you put on a hot derg
Cause a brat is not a hotdog and a hotdog's not a brat
You need some German mustard - don't forget the sauerkraut !
Repeat Chorus
(Sing "On Wisconsin" here complete with You-Rah-Rah !)
I've had a brat at Lambeau - I've had one in the dome
I've grilled them in Milwaukee - I cook the brats at home
I've had a brat taco, a brat gyro and bratza
You get them at the Bratfest in Sheboygan every year
Repeat Chorus
"When you've said Wisconsin -you've said it all!"