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I Went To College © Mr. Blink

You can take your algebra - a subject that I hated
and all the books you made me read
they are so outdated
You can take your history - you can take biology
you can take all that shit and give me something that I need

CHORUS I went to college - I went to college
I went to college - to get me a degree
I went to college - I went to college
I went to college - and look where it got me.....

I borrowed a lot of money. Drank a lot of beer
Danced to the pipers favorite song
Now $20,000 owed to good old Uncle Sam
Payback time for them student loans


Education is frustration - lead me into my own temptation
Gotta go where life is slow and people are into relaxation
Sit back, hang around, chill out, freak out
Open your mind and then you gotta speak out
Talk about life - say what you think
Open you eyes but you better not BLINK
'cause they will push you, they will pull you
they will do everything to fool you
but you've got to be cool and don't give up
It's them not you that's all fucked up
Higher learning - gives me a burning
They don't know that the world is turning
changing faster than we know it
I hope the human race don't BLOW IT!

So now I'm free, I've got my paper
I got the hell out of Dodge
But my mind is full of useless information
All that shit, I learned in college