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Born in Corn by Mr. Blink


green star Corny words and suggestions

Tractor, tractor pull the plow - city people get me down
Live in concrete, live in lies - living where the birds, don't fly
Doctor, doctor tell me how - how can I feel so down?
Want to go and get some air - breathe it in.....then let it out

Corn, corn, corn - born in corn (repeat)

Dirty dirt on my skin, Midwest living ain't no sin
nothing wrong with flannel shirts, baseball caps and dirty words
I say fuck and I say shit, and I say there's no harm in it
I don't care if we don't agree but you better not throw your trash by me
{I'm trying to grow some corn, God dammit !}

Chorus {dig it}

Love the ground, love the Earth - it's the only one that I know
If you can find a better place, tell me and I'll surely go
Plant a seed, watch it grow - Gonna reap what we sow
I don't care of you don't agree - I don't bother you so, don't bother me


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Here is a list of 'corn' words that we use in the song Born in Corn.
(Not all in the same night !)

corn bread | corndog | Paul Corning | Cornelious Bennett | Cornell University | candy corn | children of the corn | corny | corn whiskey | acorn | the white cornado | cornacopia | parents of the children of the corn | corn silk | corn palace | Wiscornsin | mission corntrol | Corn in the USA | cornfusion | soft corn | niblets | cornerstone | Popcorn | unicorn | grandparents of the children of the corn | corn tortilla | Hey buddy, wanna buy some corn? | cornclusion | cornflakes | 2nd cousins of the children of the corn | corn field | corn sex | safe corn sex | corn between two lovers | Live Corn and Prosper


mail us your favorite 'corn'...maybe we'll use at one of our shows!

'corn'y suggestions from the Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau,
3rd Block, Physical Science Class
(also see three)...cornversation | corn starch | cornstipation | corn star | cornography | corn to be wild | cornstruction site | cornvertible dazed and cornfused | cornfirmation | got corn? | cornstitution Declaration of Corndipendence | cornputer | comparison and corntrast | earritable

Kornmeyer....Doug Kornmeyer

Corn Julio....Diamond Jim, K-Rock

The Gospel According to Corn.......Brian and Steve

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