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"Dirty Business"by Mr. Blink

DIRTY BUSINESS - Words by Mike Caucutt

Checking out the local scene
- wondering why they act so mean
tired of trying to please every Tom, Dick, and Jane

Started out to impress,
a small town girl in her Sunday dress
now I guess - it's too late to start again

Been deported- I've been shorted
phone pushed through my brain
been arrested and molested
say, "I ain't never playing here again"


It's a dirty - d-d-d-dirty
It's a dirty business

Breathing in that second hand air -
La,la,la with no monitor
beer sweat stings my eyes - I am blind

Blowing speakers left and right -
jumping in to stop a fight -
working every week-end 'til bar-time

Been ignored- I've been bored
I'm a broken video game
been ripped off and pissed off
They're yelling 'Freebird' again


Pile into that old Dodge van - the band is on the road again
gotta play in Texas Friday night

Sun and snow and wind and rain -
those Interstate tolls are such a pain but I got no change -
on my mind tonight

Been broken down in a shitty town
not a friendly jump start in sight
Been publicized and critisized
for doing what I like