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All Downhill From There

by Mr. Blink

"All Downhill From There" -words by Mike Caucutt

Been up and down the broken road
I've gone around the bend
I've stumbled in the alleys
and ran into some dead-ends
been lost and crazy - a two track mind
going in circles - wasting my time
would you persuade me to read between the lines?

The piper has been paid in full
the Devil's on the run
the doctor says I'm better now
the time clock says I'm done
I'm checking out - turn in my key
Little boy blue is through with me
I always knew that he was going to leave

It's just around the corner
over a few more hills
The final stretch is just ahead
then no more obstacles
on the mountain top - this rough rider
is showing signs of wear and tear
but I don't care - it's all downhill from there

It's all downhill from there down, down, down
Gonna ride downhill from there -Yeah, yea, yeah
On easy street - my ends will meet
I'll have it made - my problems will fade
it's all downhill from there - yeah
all downhill from there.