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"Farm for Sale"by Mr. Blink

"Farm for Sale" words by Mike Caucutt

Well prices going up, and never coming down
and the bank man he came by yesterday
Said he's given me, every break he could
and he's sorry that it has to be this way
So I'm making up my mind, as I look at the bills
that came in the morning mail
And I ran out of time, and money long ago and so, this farm's ,for sale

Farm for sale, yessir this farm's for sale
Well its left me like, a rusty bent nail, hey mister, this farms for sale

Oh I have tried, everything I could
to keep this farm of mine
But Lord don't you know, I hate to say it
looks like I've wasted my time
Well' I've worked this land, or maybe its worked me
is it really my fault I failed
and I don't understand how it ever got this way, but now, this farm's for sale


Oh, I'll never see another day, of tractor, combine, or plough
but I'll never live, any other way, because I don't know how
So I'm leaving this behind like a winter sunset
that make everything turn cold
and if I've wasted your time, 'm sorry about that, but mister, this farm is sold
yeah mister, this farm is sold,
yeah mister, my farm is sold