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"My Favorite Problem"by Mr. Blink

MY FAVORITE PROBLEM - Words by Joe McCartan and Mike Caucutt

You're my favorite problem - with me all the time
you thin my blood like liquor - strengthen my heart like wine
It's true - you killed my brother - cut him down in his prime
If things moved any quicker - I'd probably lose my mind

Dark day and bright night - don't look right to me
The sky is falling in the woods like a lonely tree
- a heavy load - I'll take it
- a broken road - I'll make it
I'm sure the solution is going to fall on me
You're my favorite problem - slowly creeping in
like a weed you can't destroy - covering the garden
It's a lie - you took my name - for I have kept it hidden
and I will never tell you - until I am forgiven

You're my favorite problem - won't leave me alone
All day you're knocking on my back door - at night I can't get you off my phone
Reasonable insanity - a swinging pendulum
Losing touch with reality - gives me momentum

My favorite problem - there you are
My favorite problem - there you are