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"Give Me My Poison"by Mr. Blink

"Give me My Poison" - words by Mike Caucutt

Empty bottles of beer and ashes on the floor
I'm sitting here just staring at the door
The only thing you left me is this bottle of wine
but its the only thing I need, the only thing I've ever called mine


Give me my poison, give me my pain
Give it to me please sir one more time
then give it to me again

Sitting on this barstool, I look like my old man
Another drunken fool, who I never did understand
Well, we never got along, quite like we should
and when he died, I realized, we never ever would

Water in my eyes, whiskey in my veins
I swear this is the last time but you know I'm lying again
I'm too drunk to drive, too drunk to find the door
I'm blind and deaf and stupid, is it too late for one more?


One more for the road, two more at last call
Three-hundred fifty thousand left standing on the wall
Silently they wait, it's out of my control
So take one down, pass it around, Set'em Joe.,drown my soul