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"Kingdom of Summer"by Mr. Blink

"Kingdom of Summer" - words by Mike Caucutt

Throwing Frisbees in the park - try to catch it behind my back
Frisbee, Frisbee - fall away from me
Swirling clouds of green or brown - patterns in the sun
Reality - please run - away from me
B-ball in the afternoon - downtown every night
Kiss me, kiss me - fall into my heart
Meaningless, but true - summertime was real
but like a dream - it all, just fell apart
The kingdom of summer - everyone is tan
Everyone's a lover - everyone's a friend
Hang out on the river - sit out in the sand
listen to the music - and dance, with the band
Through the sun I try and skate - my shadow runs away
cold and grey, black and white - fall away from me
I got caught with my friends - we were innocent
now we're as guilty - as can be
Now the sun is just as hot - my shadow has returned
long and dark - he weighs me down - I can't pull away
A few lost souls - the fallen ones
they will ride again
The kingdom awaits us - do you know the way?