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Little Lawman

© Mr. Blink

I ain't got no badge - I ain't got no gun
what I say is right - you say that it's wrong
Lawman got the government - I ain't got no one
Lawman's coming - gotta be on the run

I can't live with rules - society put on me
got my own idea of what my life should be
Don't want to be a part of some group mentality
Lawman says - "you gotta be like me"

CHORUS: Johnny, Johnny - catch me if you can
I'm not afraid of the lawman
I got the truth and he don't understand
He's too small -----little lawman

Always on the look out for red lights on my back
Lawman is a coming - coming to attack
I don't want to feel his nightstick on my back
Pedal to the metal, boy - don't you look back

If I were a King, I'd be in despair
who can I turn to? There is nobody there
Lawman's got the badge, Lawman's got the gun
Justice never happens - only for some


Not a man alive, that doesn't break the law
but the biggest law breakers aren't behind the bars
They're sitting in their chambers, driving police cars
- up there in Washington - sending us more law


So Johnny, Johnny - catch me if you can
I'm not afraid of the Lawman
I got the truth - I've got a master plan
And he's too small - little lawman.