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by Mr. Blink

"Lucinda" -words by Mike Caucutt


Young man, old man, rich or poor
all want to be with Lucinda
but no man has caught her yet
Lucinda slips through every net
and when she smiles
the clouds are much whiter
the world's a little lighter
the sunshine is brighter - for Lucinda

She's got the cool scene down
Lucinda she moves it all around
a comedy of rain - a tragedy of sun
She'll do that dead dance all night long
do that dead dance all night long.

Say good-bye to the girl next door
say hello to Lucinda
The Groovy Queen of In-between
Lucinda flies into your dreams
and when she dances
her eyes are much greener
the air's a little cleaner
the music goes between her - oh Lucinda

This broken world could use some more
magic from Lucinda
From sunrise to sunset
Lucinda knows the secret
and when she sings
the sky is much bluer
your problem's are fewer
the wind listens to her
mmm - Lucinda.