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Moving On

© Mr. Blink
Words by Mike Caucutt

Life rolls by like a greyhound bus flying through the night
If I don't ride I'm gonna drive and pass life on the right
Leave him in my rearview mirror have him follow me
'cause I'm not waiting for no Greyhound bus to roll right over me

I'm moving on - I'm stepping out
been standing in this one spot a little too long
I'm changing tunes - I'm running by -
I'm getting down and flying high
I'm moving on

Hope runs through my blue-green blood
like a rocket to the moon
Ain't got time to second guess that ship is leaving soon
Every single moment, is here and then it's gone
Gone with the past gone with the wind
yeah - going, going, - gone


I can't sit and wait -
for my life to become clear
My soul is searching for the key and I can't find it here
All the answers are locked up
they won't come to me
So, I'm on my way to pick the lock and set my spirit free