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"River of Tears"by Mr. Blink

RIVER OF TEARS- Words by Joe McCartan

Spiders living in my bathroom
Bum asleep outside by door
Far away the river black tomb
image that we all abhor
skeleton afloat down main street
smiling bobbing up and down
Tops of trees, no sign of concrete
he's not worried that he'll drown
River of tears - blood and rain
devastation of the flood plain
River of tears - blood and rain
slow down, dry up, take away the pain

People watching from the levee
hopes and dreams and love and fear
sandbag hearts - just as heavy
does their future end right here
but they will begin again
greatest flood in 500 years
watch the sky and buy back the plow
ominous power - river of tears
Monday funeral without music
caskets float away downstream
Wind and water rule elastic
spins a madman's lucid dream
Mississippi took your money
left you nothing but your pride
closer to your wife and family
nothing left for you to hide