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by Mr. Blink

"Rivertown" by Mike Caucutt


Going down to Big River
I've got a secret hidden there
A dollar ten - will get you a dozen
And an honest man should always have twelve good friends - that he can count on

Two cats fighting over one catfish
One dog looking at his empty dog dish
And I hear - something buzzing
Is it the beer? - or my head humming some old song - that I don't remember

I'm going down, down , down to Rivertown
All my friends will be there - I'll buy them all a round
The nights will be longer - the town will be smaller
the days will be stronger - whatever you lost will be found - in Rivertown

Old Man River 's not getting any younger
His water is running grey
It's a long, long way from here to nowhere
But if we start today - we'll be closer than we were - the day before


Gonna jump right in
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn - they're going to ride again

A southwest wind brings me the brewery
A nort'easter rain or snow
It's a small dot - on a big map
It's a long walk - or a short nap on the couch - in the afternoon