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Runaway© by Mr. Blink

Rolling through the stop sign nothing to the right
Nothing to the left of me I’m looking for a fight
Life’s been tumbling in lately and I ain’t got a dime
I ain’t got no reason there’s no excuse this time

I’m just going nowhere following the moon
Maybe I can catch him if he don’t leave too soon
So many bright colors - I can’t focus in
I only think in black and white -I’m only trying to get it right
but that moon is full tonight and I think I can catch him

Chorus far as you can
Runaway...and don’t come back again

Duck back through the alley like that old Tom cat
Shadow’s sneaking up on me I try to push it back
I can’t seem to shake him what would Peter do?
Put it in my pocket and give it back to you

I’ve been barking up the wrong tree give this old dog a bone
My heroes are all dying and I can’t find the right tone
Everything’s distorted I can’t focus in
Ahead a blurry neon sign - a little salt, a little lime - kill a bottle kill some time
I don’t think I can kill him


No-one to look up to has left me looking down
My feet are barely moving - I’m not gaining any ground
But I gotta keep going or else I’ll fall behind
I don’t have a reason, there’s no excuse this time

Well I called it very close I almost suffocated
Almost was surrounded by everything I hated
Leaving is a good thing I would do it again
I want to live before I die - I want to ask God just why - Stevie Ray had to die
but I don’t think I can find him