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Slamming Door

© Mr. Blink

Hot flame in the kitchen - can you fell the heat?
- wish you'd stop your bitchin' - so I can get some sleep
Been through all of this before - it ends up with a slamming door
- and I'm out walkin' all night in the street

CHORUS Nothing ever changes - been here before
Yell a little louder - I can't hear you no more
Turned into a soldier - fighting in a war
There you go-------------slamming door.

Too much wine at dinner - can you taste the pain?
Forgive me I'm a sinner - Lord, I'm drunk again.
You don't seem amused - that I am confused
soon I'll be walking in the street


Can we get together? - Have you seen the light?
It's a now or never - we've got to end this fight
I can't take it anymore - you've got to open up your door
I can't go walking out in the night