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"Every Thursday Morning"by Mr. Blink

EVERY THURSDAY MORNING - Words by Mike Caucutt

Every Thursday morning going to wake up thinking
and like the people before - make tea in the kitchen
a little too sweet - a little too weak to remind me

Every Thursday morning - start the day believing
take my dreams off the shelf - give my wishes a good cleaning
make them shine - make them true
make them seem like they're brand new
Wash away the dust and dirt
Find a reason for the hurt
Maybe we can try and help each other thru it

Every Thursday afternoon - going to go out walking
lift my eyes up from the ground - see the world turning
watch it turn - try and learn
life's little secret

Every Thursday afternoon - talk to someone different
a different view of this world - would give me some perspective
change my life -
change my mind
a change of heart in these troubled times
I'm not a rock -
I'm not a stone
I cannot handle this alone
Maybe we can try and help each other through it

Every Thursday morning - up on through the night
I will take the whole day - to find out what is right
Live and hope and try and learn -
the only secret way
and make every morning - be just like......Thursday morning

Every Thursday evening - going to hang around downtown
It's the night where all the free people can be found
makin' eyes - makin' lies -
my weight is gone

Every Thursday evening - listen to an honest band
Thursday night bands are not allowed to play the weekend
play for soul - play for real -
weekend bands don't have that feel tonight I get a brand new heart - wait for me before you start
Maybe we can try - to help each other through it

-every Thursday morning -every Thursday morning -every Thursday morning