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What To Do?

© Mr. Blink

I ain't pretty, and I ain't tall - so I'm no good at basketball
I'm overweight and I'm always late,
so I'm not much of a blind date
I ain't rich, I don't have a car - but I can play this here guitar
and if you like - I'll sing to you
- then you'll know just what to do.....

So you ask me. "Hey, what's new?" - but I just stare at you
cause my mental state is not that great
so if you want the answer you'll have to wait for -
some other person who - you can put that question to, and maybe baby
they'll answer you
- then you'll know just - what to do.....

Sometimes, I just don't know why - Do I laugh or do I cry?
Do I work or do I play? - Do I go or do I stay?
Is it left or is it right? - Is it black or is it white?
What goes up? what goes down?
- What keeps this world going round and round?
Say hello - say good-bye, Am I low or am I high?
I'm feeling blue - do you feel the same way too?
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
- what to do.